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About Us


About Us

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Our founder İsmail Yeşil (1947-2009)

He has further explained how the lasting success can be achieved as follows '' The success  comes for the ones not seeking the easy ways but those who could challenge the hardship and foresee the future"



Foundation of Loren Cosmetics  and the first step is the bath brick fabrication.

Loren cosmetic that began to operate with a product that has a different market share in Turkey by increasing its production power has built the foundations of the color cosmetic products in the early 90's.


….. Color cosmetics, Gel, peroxide tablets, oxidant bleaching

Loren cosmetic would continue manufacturing new products under the name of Yeşilgün cosmetics while acquiring a new company and new brands.

''He would find not the ordinary details but economic and  the most appropriate solutions to consumers thinking  with the freedom of enterprising in the individual's creativity in every work"

... Now process of change has started off and it has entered into color cosmetics market and it has taken its place on the shelves among the leading brands as Roon Gel in the gel market in Turkey together with the environmentalist and innovative technology.


The survival of the organizations with the Experienced rapid change depends on making change so as to lead the difference improve, develop and provide the processes of products, services and new ones as needed, together with the continuous development concept.

Yeşilgün cosmetics had created a new market, a new trend and a new brand with wax brand of Vodvil as a new hair styler developed as a result of of long-term studies within the homeland and abroad...

New trends, economic and appropriate solutions.....

Considering the market requirements it has entered into production of professional use economic size (5 l) Room bleaching oxidant extending from production to the hairdresser saloons and has had a significant market share in the hair salon industry.

In continuation has started making contract agreements with corporate, brand-name companies in manufacturing of the products of shampoos, hair conditioners, bleachers  etc.


Subcontracting agreements

While Yeşilgün cosmetics,continued production with the brands and products that it created its own besides by making the required subcontracting agreements has provided for the market requirements.


we have paid final respects to our founder İsmail Yeşil.

Decision to moving on...

Arda Yeşil as worked with his father has decided to move on to operate, As Yeşilgün cosmetics with over 15 years of experience  will have moved on its way by combining skilled manpower with the state of art machinery park.

Development of creative a thinking ground that provides the ability to create differences in the quality to bring in a competitive advantage is indispensable for all sectors that will affect the organization's performance indicators today and in the future.

About Us

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