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As Yeşilgün cosmetics we offer all kinds of waxing groups, hair care, personal care, male care products to both domestic and foreign markets together with the patented brands of Roon, Roon Form, Roon Sima, Vodvil, Ezgi, Bankız SHU. Our factory with a 1600 m2 indoor area has the capacity of cosmetic product filling and packaging.  All kinds of manufacturing is carried out by the staff of laboratory and R & D in the ISO standard,in accordance with the cosmetic laws by the available administrative staff, chemists and employees. Our Mission is to produce seamless products which also contribute to the aesthetics beauty and health of human with a level of development that could compete with organizations and products in the area where our company operates while performing the growth in a way compatible to today's market conditions, to be sensitive to environmental pollution, to maintain our understanding of quality,giving sufficient and appropriate training to all our employees.   Our Vision is to provide more appropriate products in terms of price to our customers at the time they want while increasing the quality of our product in integrity, honesty and quality approach with an innovative and creative teamwork. Our goal is to lift up all our brands to a higher national and international position by continuous improvement in our product quality.


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